Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Grandpa

Paul has a 65th birthday camping with Granny in Pincher Creek. July 9, 2011.

Great Grandpa Doig July 1st in Waterton Lakes at Cameron Falls. He will turn 88 on July 27.

Another Picture without the hat. If anyone knows how to get this to Shelley it would be great. I get Courtney blog somehow. Have a great day.

Grandpa Paul Is a senior

Cameron Falls about July 1, 2011 A lot of water coming over thew falls.

Grandpa Paul finally got hot in the Crowsnest Pass. He bought two pair of shorts in Great Falls coming home from Phoenix .

Saturday July 9, 2011; I turned 65 years old and I am writing on my 1st discount receipt. We went to a museum in Pincher Creek and I paid $7.00 and Sheron Had to pay $10.00.

Pincher Creek campground Granny and i had a party. Cake, ice cream sandwich and a light drink. It was great.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Trip to Phoenix

Brad made it to the farewell talk as Karson is going on a mission to Pittsburgh. We were at Hal & Shelley, for a the baby blessing, he is visiting with Carla.

Every day (except Sunday) Granny and I walked 3 miles and every afternoon we were in the pool. This was Saturday and a lot of Monte's family were there for a swim and pizza.

Granny and Shelley

The Missionary after his talk on service. I might add that he did a great job with the message and the presentation. Thank you Karson.

Sunday evening at Hal and Shelley home with the baby. Joe and Keira family

It was a great week. Thanks Monte and Sherylee for all you do.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I tried to send these a few weeks ago but my mind and the computer were working at different speeds. notice the drift it has a chimney coming out of it.

Paul standing in the one lane road between the lake and the campground.

The car closer to the businesses.


Cameron Falls on June 4. We went to Waterton Saturday evening and the falls are full. There are still 3 foot drifts in the town site along the campground. They were 15 feet earlier. There are still four and a half foot drifts in the community pasture. We have been lucky so far with flooding. Cool spring.

Karson in Cardston

Karson came for a visit about two weeks. First week he spent with Brett and Malorie helping with some yard work and fishing etc. Second week he spent with Granny and Grandpa Paul. A highlight was a temple evening with Rob & Becky. Ken and Tracy and Granny & Grandpa Paul.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grandkids got granny tackled and went to work on the cast. Each signed their names.

The other side. Names of all grandchildren are on the cast.

Austin receives the priesthood and is now a deacon. Becky will blog more details.

A get well card from grandkids.