Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grandma birthday

This week we had a birthday dinner in Lethbridge at Tony Romas for Grandma Doig on Friday evening.

We put up christmas lights at Grandma Berry's and Grandpa and Grandma Doig's homes on Saturday. Saturday evening we went to the High School production of Graese. Kendall had a part. It was upbeat and the youth had a lot of fun. We took Grandma Berry and Grandpa Doig with us. Grandma Doig didn't go as she wasnt feeling good.

The sad part of the week was our friends Dave and DeeDee Russell were at our home on Monday for Home Evening. Wednesday at the Temple, he was a worker at the rec. desk, Dave had a heart attack, he died on Friday evening.

We will miss him. They have only been in Town about a year.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kids in the Leaves

This is a picture about a month ago. Austin Paul and Preston.

It is coming in afew weeks I will be on my own. Not sure when to try Granny.

November 16th Continued

Maile, Audie, Sheron and Paul

Sunday Nov 16 2008

This week we went on our annual vacation to the rodeo finals. It was great! We followed tradition: wed sfternoon arrive and go to the rodeo. Thur. went bowling 2 games; 1st game I got over a 100 2nd game just about. Friday temple session. Saturday rodeo 2 times. Inbetween shopping. Sunday all went our different ways. Attended church at the chaple by the temple. They have 4 Wards and a stake in the same building.

I dot an ear infection so we came home on Monday and Sheron was able to attend Remembrance Day in Magrath and hear Alyssa talk. She did excellent giving her talk from memory.

Great Grandpa went to Calgary on Wednesday 12, and had the skin cancer removed from his nose. It went well so on Thursday he went to Lethbridge for the skin draft. Mom didn't go down as it was should have been simple. When the Dr. saw him he put him under instead of doing a local took skin from his forhead and leaving it attached and pulled it down to his nose. They kept him over night so I took Mom down and Sheron went to Magrath to stay with the kids as Rob and Becky went to Calgary for a school award.

Saturday Audie Taylor and her daughter Maile Bower came to see dad. I have some pictures and will try to add yhem later today.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first post

This is a test. The weather is beautiful--shirt sleeve weather. Granny has her Christmas decorations up already. The back yard is as brightly lit as the football field.