Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nauvoo 2

Omish community. He was cutting hay with a mower drawn by horses.
Johnson home. This room is where the prophet J Smith was sleeping and was pulled out and tared and feathered.

Upstairs inthe Johnson home. This room was where a visitation was made to J Smith and S Rigdon with others in the room. Sidney was a little shaken and J Smith commented that he wasn't used to it yet. There were many revelations recieved in this room.

Navoo Temple view from the trail of tears. Now called the trail of hope. This is the trail the saints used when they left Nauvoo to the Mississippi.

Grandma Berry and the Sisters at the Nauvoo Temple Sunday after church.
We are at the Joesph and Hyrum monument with Carthage Jail in the background.

Granny standing in the Mississippi River. Just prior she was standing in a puddle at the hotel. It rained while we were gone but stopped while we were looking at sites.

Me! At Adam-ondi-ahman. The valley in the background.

Liberty jail Main floor and lower cell. Note the three layers of the wall wood, loose rock and brick. Trap door on the main floor