Friday, January 22, 2010

January 17 Kendall was ordained an elder by his father.

Kendall and Ken.

The family.

The great grandparents.

I found my paper that I made notes on about posting the blog. So i am playing catch up.
Opening the cousin gifts on Christmas eve.

The Christmas pageant on Christmas eve 2009.

The supervisors!

Mark and Paul as Shepherd's on Christmas eve. Mark looks a little happy about being a Shepherd.

We spent a few days with Val and Michelle just prior to Christmas. There was a ginger bread house decoration event.

The kids worked hard and cleaned up there rooms to ready for Christmas.

Granny's Christmas tree with presents displayed. We were spoiled with quality presents. Thank you everyone.

Paul is working on the Pinata (not sure of spelling) . The surprise this year was the snuggle blankets instead of PJ's.