Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We went to Kalispell and visited Michelle and Val's family. Karson was playing with his younger cousins and it was wild. Furniture was moved around and various types of guns including water thanks to Keston.

A close-up. Karson wearing an extra small helmet.

While we were there we attended a scout cake auction for a fundraiser. This cake was the hemsley donation. It is a hiking boot and sold for just uner $50.00 A previous year their train a cake sold for $400.00.

This year the CTR cake sold for $200.00.
We also attended the Summit Gym where some older folks swam in a warm pool with Karson and the boys went to the gym. It was afun time.

February 15 we were in Phenox and toured old Scottsdale with Sherylee and Monte.
The weather was 75 to 80 so just perfect for us.

Kayden has beem taking potery in school and this is a display of some of his work. He will starting to use the wheel soon.

Shelley and Jade came over for a -BQ the evening before we left.

In Sherylee's back yard. It was to cold 80 degrees to use the pool as it has no heater. In Arizona they don't need heaters in the pool.