Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Monument of Joseph and Hyrum riding to Carthage for the last time. It is located accross the street from the Nauvoo Temple.

Monument of Joseph and Hyrum at Carthage jail. The jail is in the background.

This is the upper window that Joseph fell out after he was shot. They were moved here from the bared cell for comfort.

This the door to the room that the prisoners were in and the two bullet holes in the door, one on the edge above the door handle and the other above a little bit and to the left.

This a view of the jail from the side showing the upper window that the prophet fell out and the well that he landed by. The guard and his family lived in the lower floor. He sent his family away this night as he expected trouble.


Nauvoo Temple. This is Sunday afternoon after church meetings. It rained while we were in church but stopped soon after. We were able to attend a session at this temple.

We played some pioneer games.

This is a rocking chair/bench. The baby laid on the one end and mother sat and rocked on the other so she could still sew or mend.

This is the printing press, centre is the furniture, wooden blocks to fill in spaces and borders. The space fillers and marks at the top or bottom of pages are called ding-bats.

Boxes of letters, each letter is in a capartment. The lower set are place like a computor key board with the more common letters together. The Cap letters are in the upper box. This is were we get upper and lower case letters.
The message from the press was we need to watch our P's and Q's.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Palmyra 2

Wooden presses and paper cutters for printing the Book of Mormon.

This is the van load in front of the publishing business of the Book of Mormon. There were 5,000 copies printed.

This is the office and desk were the contract to print the Book of Mormons was signed.

First floor of the print shop was a retail book store.

This original copy was found in an attic and donated to the church by a non-member. The format was different than we have now. It was more like a book with paragraphs instead the two columns per page that we are used to.


Paul & Sheron in front of the Temple doors. Note the tree glass in the doors. All windows are the same representing the sacred grove. This is Sunday afyternoon after we went to church.
Joesph Smith log hous. This is were the gold plates were hid under the brick in front of the fireplace.

The wooden box ontop of the dresser was built to hide the gold plates.

Joseph Smith Log house were he lived when he had the first vision. In the upstairs bedroom the angle Maroni appeared to him while his brothers continued to sleep.

Palmyra Temple about a city block from the Church and across the road.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

N Falls 4

C M and Grandma Berry on the Maid of the Mist in front of the falls. Sorry about the 4 posts still learning this system. USA falls from the maid of the mist boat.

Maid of the Mist going up under the falls. Viewed from the landing under the falls.

Under the falls looking out the porthole opening. Here we are in a tunnel about the middle of the falls so we are looking a the back side of the falls.

Here we are under the falls about half way on a platform at the side looking up. If I remember there are 32 million gallons of water going over every second. Next week Palmyra.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nauvoo 2

Omish community. He was cutting hay with a mower drawn by horses.
Johnson home. This room is where the prophet J Smith was sleeping and was pulled out and tared and feathered.

Upstairs inthe Johnson home. This room was where a visitation was made to J Smith and S Rigdon with others in the room. Sidney was a little shaken and J Smith commented that he wasn't used to it yet. There were many revelations recieved in this room.

Navoo Temple view from the trail of tears. Now called the trail of hope. This is the trail the saints used when they left Nauvoo to the Mississippi.

Grandma Berry and the Sisters at the Nauvoo Temple Sunday after church.
We are at the Joesph and Hyrum monument with Carthage Jail in the background.

Granny standing in the Mississippi River. Just prior she was standing in a puddle at the hotel. It rained while we were gone but stopped while we were looking at sites.

Me! At Adam-ondi-ahman. The valley in the background.

Liberty jail Main floor and lower cell. Note the three layers of the wall wood, loose rock and brick. Trap door on the main floor